Is Islam a religion of tolerance – or one of discord and prejudice?

Read a really good article relevant to today! Highlights include: “But if Islam does stand for freedom of faith and coexistence, why is it that so many people who call themselves Muslims are in so much conflict, not just with non-Muslims, but also with other people who call themselves Muslim?” “If you believe that Muhammad […]

YAEL (Yet and Other Electronic Load)

I stumbled on to Kerry Wong web blog when I searched for some ideas on an electronic load.  Kerry also references a tutorial on an Electronic Load for testing batteries by Dave of EEBlog. Kerry uses a lm324 to drive 6x fets. As I am wanting a lower capability, I will be only be using […]

EBAY 10Watt LED Flood Light Retrofit

My 20Watt Roll your own RGB Flood Lights take a lot of effort to build. I purchased some 10Watt LED Spot lights from EBAY.  They are reasonably made and very compact.  I also purchased some LED Constant Driver boards from AliExpress. The intention was to replace the 10Watt White LED with a 10W RGB Chip […]

Out with the Old, and – What was I thinking?

Going trough display items, making sure they still work, replace the odd LED where needed etc, I very soon realised I still needed a SSR base controller.  the old control centre had two such controllers, one my first design, a sub rack based 16 Chan LED DMX module, and the other was a RPM Grinch […]

Out with the Old, In with the New

This year I am upgrading my control center. Gone is the IBM ThinkCentre, the 192 Channel DC DMX sub-rack, the Grinch Dimmer, the USB DMX adapters and the couple of modified PC power supplies. The new Cabinet contains 3x 350Watt SMPS and Falcon Pi Player will sit on top for the season.

Temperature controlled Fan

I finally finished one of the outdoor Power Supply Boxes.  It contains 2x 350W SMPSs in it and will be situated in the garden.  The cabinet currently has a 12v computer fan to push air out of the box. Like all good computer fans this one makes a racket. So I have set out to […]

Press Bender

Being an avid DIYer, I always find the need to bend up brackets, even if it is a simple 90 degree bend bar.  Quite often a trip to the local hardware store will reveal suitable substitute brackets. I stumbled on Swag Off Road 20 ton press brake.  Kool,  if only they were available here in […]

Fuse sizing

Math alert: My spiral trees have 42 pixels. That means 42 x3 =126 LEDs per tree. 2 trees are connect each controller. That means controllers have 252 leds. So if we allow 20mA per LED.  That comes to a total of 252 x 0.02 = 5.04A. * controller fuses have to be 5 Amps. The […]

4Channel Dmx DC Controller – Revisited

I have previously designed and built a 4 channel DC DMX controller. This controller has served well. But I needed to do a quick update for some display items. Firstly I needed to add RJ45s.  They take  up a lot of real estate. Second, I wanted to add a simple Molex connector Thirdly, I wanted […]