8 Channel RGB LED Flexible Strip Controller – Revisited

I have previously designed and biult a 8 channel RGB strip controller.  This controller has served well.  But sadly the output transistors have gone End of Life. I did two things to rectify this situation, I found a replacement device and ordered 500 to try out.  I also decided to look for some smaller devices […]

DMX Terminations

DMX512 employs RS-485 differential signaling at its physical layer.  DMX512 uses a unidirectional simplex communication protocol. the following is a paraphase from Wiki:  DMX512 is a bus network that works upto 1,200 metres long, provided you don’t have  more than 32 receivers on a single bus. If more than 32 recivers are needed in a single universe,  it […]

Finally Affordable Snowfall Tube rebirthed

FAST was created by Cory Helmuth as a inexpensive snowfall or meteor tubes. Snowfall tubes are long clear plastic tubes that have a group of LEDs arranged in a linear fashion and the LEDs light in a sequential manner from the top to the bottom. The visual effect looks like a bright snowflake falling down. […]

RGB Window Outlines

Window outlines are a popular display items. They accentuate the house beautifully. There are two things you’ll discover when installing windows lights – String length might be a problem, and tape won’t hold them. Whether you’re putting lights up inside or outside your windows, there are solutions available on the net. I used Rope light […]

Mini Pixel Trees

Based on 900mm Tomato Cage frames and 42 LP6803 Pixels, these trees have been a very very long project. The project started almost 6 years ago when I purchased for plant trellis cages from the local nursary, for the garden. Every time I looked at them in the garden I thought it would be cool […]

The Falcon Pi Player and a Real Time Clock

The FPP only has two option for RTC. A Rasclock and a DS1305. None of these seem to be available here in Australia. Bummer! But SunFounder DS3231 RTC Real Time Clock Module seem to be all over Ebay for a couple of bucks. Even DX.com sel;ls them http://aud.dx.com/product/ds3231-raspberry-pi-rtc-board-real-time-clock-module-for-arduino-black-961277258#.U3VmhCiBtuY They are tiny. And these guys have […]

My journey with the Falcon Pi Player

I finally made some time to start pulling my FPP together. My goal is two fold – l prepare how I will play my Christmas lights this year, and learn some more stuff. My current configuration ( what I had available) Several new 4 and 8 GB Sd cards ( one cam loaded Rasbian OS […]

Handling Errors

My controllers use two LEDs to indicate controller status. H1 – DMX Activity flashes to indicate DMX data has been received and processed. H2 – Power / Error is on to indicating Power is ON and there are no errors.  H2 flashes various patterns to indicate the type of error. The change of a relevant […]

I swear

I am a husband, father, son, brother and a friend. Today I took the oath to Love, cherish and protect all women I come in contact with, starting with the ones closest to me.

Motorboat – A La Matthew Styles

Come with me down the old memory lane. Imaging, if you will a dark dimly lit street in late 1990s. The roads are still red dirt. The sun has long gone down for it nightly rest. Life on the main streets in Vientiane, the capital of Loa PDR are alive with both locals and foreigners […]