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DC or AC Power

Traditionally Christmas lights were always AC powered using either direct connection to the main (240V) or via a small plug pack power supply.  One of the many queries I get is should we go AC or DC for lighting Control.  … Continue reading

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site graphics

This site is about LEDs, Lights and Christmassy things.  So I need ot get me some better graphics.  Some Blinky Flashy would be good.  A Christmassy theme is a must. Just how do I do that? Any suggestions?

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WP 3 Rocks

This is the first time I have successfully loaded WordPress 3 and I must say, it rocks. The Install in EASY, the Admin is EASY I’m totally stoked.

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DMX Dongles

I have used two DMX Dongles for my Christmas lights: Enttec Open USB widget RPMs USB DMX Pro The Enttec Open work great but was subject to a fair amount of abuse and kept blowing the RS-485 driver chip. RPM … Continue reading

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Weather proof DMX connectors

I hate using RJ45 connectors for DMX. They just don’t have sufficient mechanical strength. 3 pin ( I know soap and water in some quarters) and 5 pin Cannons are great but a bit pricing. DMX wasn’t really planned for … Continue reading

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PortaFlood Show down

Now that I have both 500W and 150W Portaflood complete, it is time to add some performance data. In the coming weeks I will be setting up a head to head test between PortaFlood 1 (500W), PortaFlood 2 (150W) and … Continue reading

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Controller Design – 48ch DMX DC controller

I just love it when things all come together!  My mega tree will consist of 16 Red, Green and Blue LEDs Strings 4 meters long.  They were purchased towards the end of last years season from Big -W.  Members on … Continue reading

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LED PortaFlood 2

With the success of the original PortaFloods, I decided the review the design and make a new one for the 150W PortaFlood cases.  I can buy these for less than $10 a case.  S0me models also come with simple stand … Continue reading

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