4Channel Dmx DC Controller – Revisited

4Ch DC DMX Original

4Ch DC DMX Original

4Ch DC DMX Artwork

4Ch DC DMX Artwork


4Ch DC DMX Controller – 1st Prototype

I have previously designed and built a 4 channel DC DMX controller. This controller has served well. But I needed to do a quick update for some display items.

Firstly I needed to add RJ45s.  They take  up a lot of real estate.

Second, I wanted to add a simple Molex connector

Thirdly, I wanted 5.5mm DC Power Barrel connector for Power in

Fourth, I updated the fuse to the Mini Auto blades

Fifth, I decided to look for some smaller devices and have been taken with the DMN6040SSD-13 yu Diodes Incorporated.
In short, the specs are:

Dual N-Channel, Vds=60 V, Id=4.4 A & Rds On =55 mOhms (Vgs =4.5V)
Package/Case: SOIC-8

Finally I wanted to try a reed switch as the way of changing the Start address. To arable this, X8 and X9 were added.

That pretty much wraps up the change

BTW I can already see some more changes. Some of the Text is mirrored. that is what happens when you have components on both sides.
I reckon I might swap the location of H1, H2 and C6

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