8 Channel RGB LED Flexible Strip Controller – Revisited

I have previously designed and biult a 8 channel RGB strip controller.  This controller has served well.  But sadly the output transistors have gone End of Life.

Artwork Design

Artwork Design

I did two things to rectify this situation, I found a replacement device and ordered 500 to try out.  I also decided to look for some smaller devices and have been taken with the DMN6040SSD-13 yu Diodes Incorporaate.
In short, the specs are:

Dual N-Channel, Vds=60 V, Id=4.4 A & Rds On =55 mOhms (Vgs =4.5V)
Package/Case: SOIC-8


1st Prototype



I also added a couple of fuses , Rj45s and dropped the switch mode power supply for a simple linear.  For 12Volt operation this is fine.  for higher voltages, I will change the LM7805 to Murata Switcher.


– Now to test the unit.

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