Mini Pixel Trees

Spiral Planter Cage

Spiral Planter Cage

Based on 900mm Tomato Cage frames and 42 LP6803 Pixels, these trees have been a very very long project. The project started almost 6 years ago when I purchased for plant trellis cages from the local nursary, for the garden. Every time I looked at them in the garden I thought it would be cool to purchase some more. after about 6months I head back to place an order to 8 more cage, only to be told I was mistaken, I could’ve purchased them from them, cause they have only every sold 1200 and 1500mm cages. Well Bugger me I said, (on second thoughts may be not). Proud to say I haven’t been back to that local nursery. But I did note the manufacturers name on the 1200mm cages. Within 2 months I took delivery of 8x 900mm new cages, sporting the new colour range of mucky brown, directly from the distributor, who was only too happy to supply them directly when I explained what happened.  He even ventured to suggest he wasn’t surprised!.

These are my materials used:

  • 900mm obelisk Spiral plant supports
  • 1x Pixel string, I used 42x pixels with LP8603 for these
  • 2m x 4core 14/2 alarm cable
  • 1x 4core pixel tail
  • 100s of UV stable cable ties
  • 1/8″ wire to extend Spiral

See the photo gallery below for construction details. Note the manufacture of the cages didn’t continue the spiral all the way down to the base. I found it necessary to add a small section of 3.2mm wire to complete the spirals.

I also glued some Star Plugs onto the cage ends to prevent them from sinking into the ground.

So that is that.


And here is a video running a static RGB Fades

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