Proud Dad or What?

This is a rambling Rant. Recently my eldest daughter moved to south west Queensland to take on the position of Station Cook for a cattle station. She was a 100% city slicker girl. We had 6 weeks over Christmas to get her packed up and ready for the 2500km trip to her new work site. […]

More Lantens

Those that have seen my display will know i like Lanterns. I have about 30 of them. Whilst at Bunnings recently I picked up 6 more. These are larger that most and are galvanised. Now to work out how to light them. Currently I am think of 4 pingpong balls with 4 RGB LED running […]

Dual Pixel DMX Bridge

One of the great technology waves to hit Christmas Lighting is Pixels. For me probably the most historic display was my MrPacjkethead in NZ several years ago. I purchased a number of pixel strings add to our display. 4 years ago. Yeap that long ago. Before I get onto my own controller, the following best […]

DMX splitters

In a distributed network, you need to be able to connect multiple controllers together on the same universe. However, the display layout doesn’t always enable a simple daisy chain connection. This is where DMX splitters come in handy. They split a universe into 4 physical segments. Each segment still gets all 512 channels. Up to […]

Candy Canes mk2

I bought some more candy canes from Hot Dollar shop again this year.  They are translucent red with a white strip. This year I want them on the nature strip so they need to be self supporting and self contained. The canes fit perfectly into 25mm Electrical Conduit  Couplers. For Tee junctions, I have been […]

Mini Coro Trees

This is a first for me – Using Coro or Flute board to construct display items. If you want check out what can really be done with Coro board, check out These guys do heaps of display items. I have traditionally had 5x fibre optic trees on the first floor of my house. they […]

It is up an going

This year is a low key display. I have remove all the pixels. There will be no Beth Star. The Mega tree made it up with only 2 string failures The spinners made it back the Wreath made it out The eves got new Blue and White Icicles The Ikea Stars made out  The RGB Latterns […]

8 ch dc dmx

Finally got time on these 8 Channel DC DMX controllers Capable of 2 Amps per channel, they Rock. The input voltage is rated at 30v but at a pinch they will operate on 36Vdc. if this is a problem, I will simply swap out the 7805 for a modern 3 pin switcher. As can be […]

Where did it all go?

Despite the best intention and planning,life got in the way of Christmas lights again. This week has been momentous.  My youngest son married his bride. One of our home schooled daughter had her year 10 completion interview. Add to that Saturday softball, there just isn’t much time left. Going to do a low key display […]

RGB Floods Revisited

A good 5 years ago I came up with my RGB PortaFloods. I have decided it is time to revisit the RGB Flood for Christmas 2013. Parts in use so far: 10W RGB High Power LED Panel 10 Watt Lamp Light – Sure Electronics P/N DC-LE14221 Heatsink – Altronincs 225mm Fan Type Heatsink P/N H0526 3xLM317 Constant Current […]