More Lantens

Those that have seen my display will know i like Lanterns. I have about 30 of them.
Whilst at Bunnings recently I picked up 6 more. These are larger that most and are galvanised.

Now to work out how to light them. Currently I am think of 4 pingpong balls with 4 RGB LED running of a 6 channels. That should make for an interesting affect having 2 balls coloured differenctly to the other t2. We will see.

This may been a new small controller, using all SMD compnent including a swish Dual SMD Fets.  First look at MMDF1N05E look good, are difficault to purchase.  IRF7341 are looking good too.  at 55c each, the price ios also pretty good. 😉

More to follow.

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