My journey with the Falcon Pi Player

I finally made some time to start pulling my FPP together.
My goal is two fold – l prepare how I will play my Christmas lights this year, and learn some more stuff.
My current configuration ( what I had available)

  • Several new 4 and 8 GB Sd cards ( one cam loaded Rasbian OS \ great for proving the Pi boots)
  • A Rev B Pi
  • 4 port Powers USB 3.0 Hub
  • a Lenovo N5901 Mini Keyboard / Track ball
  • a Small 7″tft Analog display
  • I am waiting for the USB WiFi adapter to arrive ( I chose one for the list of known working units over at
    I need to purchase another Wireless Mouse Keyboard that is more compatible. But for now that can wait.
    So I followed the instructions to create the SD card at,483.0.html. (MyKroFt’s Instructions are straight forward and clear). For the dummies out there like me, you copy the contents on the of the Zipped Folder not the unzipped folder to the SD Card.

    So I connected all the hardware together as so:
    USB Hub powered the PI ( I only want a single Power supply.)
    The monitor is connected to the RCA analog port on the PIWireless keyboard is connected to USB Hub

    On Power up the Green LED flashes but the screen remains blank to a loon time. But then Surprise Surprise the screen started scrolling text. Yippee!
    Then the Falcon Christmas Splash screen popped up.
    It the disappears to a blank screen.

    So that is my first baby steps. I am happy to be starting the journey.

    the Next Step – WiFi
    Getting Wifi going Was easy.
    First purchase a recommended USB adapter. This is a good place to start:

    I followed there instructions to install the dongle:,309.msg1975.html#msg1975

    Putty to the pi and

    List the USB devices
    Your Wifi Dongle should be there – if not seek help from a non noob. 😉

    Have look at some information from a wireless network interface

    The last thing I did was read all the IP addresses on the Pi
    sudo ip addr show

    So there you go. In my case I was then able to type in the IP address of the Wifi and access the FPP home page.

    WiFi Continued
    So I discovered today if I reboot the Access point the Pi is connected, the Pi doesn’t connect to the AP when it is back up.

    This will need to be parked for the time being As I am unsure where to go with this issue.

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