Hacking a Grinch Dimmer

I needed a Grinch dimmer fast and I wasn’t able to buy a PCB from RPM in a hurry, so I hacked one. So this is how I made it: next the Bottom – it isn’t as complicated or hard as it may look! I use my on Lay out for the ISP connector. But […]

A New Site, A new project

I have been Toying with a stand alone controller for some time. Two external factors have occur to push this a step closer. HLS – Joe Hinkle create the an excellent Free to Use sequencing software – Check it out over at DIYC.com.  Better still down load it and try it out! HLS creates an […]

DMX Start Address

All my controllers and most other DMX controllers used in the Christmas Lights hobby don’t use switches to set the start address like most commercial applications.  As far as I can see, there are two main reasons for this: Our controllers are not moved around an lot, where you need to be able to set […]

P9813 demo

Finally got a chance to code a ATMega 88 to try out the P9813. P9813

HOW TO: 3D 4ch RGB Stars

MikeH65 over at  DIYC.com posted a design for a 3d star. Check the thread here: New Star for my 2012 display 1 Design I had always intended to add more stars and Mike’s was the trigger to get on with it.  My star is very similar except my is based on 100mm sections of RGB […]

E31.1 DMX over Ethernet

Moving from multiple USB-2-DMX dongles to a system based on E31.1 components requires a bit of planning. I sorting the Ethernet side of this project pretty easily, by adding a basic Ethernet Switch. Decided it will be best to utilise a 1RU rack case.   [nggallery id=11]

Single RGB strip controller

In order to replace the house outline with RGB strips, I need the ability to control individual strips. I still have way too many RGB Kittys made up so I decided to create a new shield for the kitty to increase the current drive. The design has the following feature: DMX in / out on […]

Editing Vixen 2.5 Profile

How To – Manually editing your Vixen 2.5 Profile by Matthew Edwards – 27/10/2011 As I added 3 universes this year I needed a way to create new profile outside of Vixen.  This How To details how I created the profile and then edited it using information I had in excel spread sheets about the […]

HOW-TO: RGB Spinners

A fellow country man created what he called an RGB Spinner.  Check out his video here.  Also Barbotte ate DIYC.com made a similar unit using Frank’s SuperStrips.  You can check out his project here. I liked the idea concept, so started to plan my version.  I decided not to build a cross with a longer […]

El Light Costume

Our daughter’s youth group decided to have a party one evening and requested the girls came as Disney characters. On Wednesday night Rose announced she wanted to go as on Quora of Tron. That night I found a close seller of Blue EL wire. On Thursday Morning, the Wife headed out and picked up 2x […]