8 ch dc dmx

Finally got time on these 8 Channel DC DMX controllers

Capable of 2 Amps per channel, they Rock. The input voltage is rated at 30v but at a pinch they will operate on 36Vdc. if this is a problem, I will simply swap out the 7805 for a modern 3 pin switcher. As can be seen, I no longer seal my boxes. after several seasons of Australian summer, cold wet nights and supper hot dry or humid days, I decided the best way is to let the moisture burn off. the SMD on the back have a light PCB lacquer spray.
I decided not to build in an internal strain relief for the cables. as the controller is always mounted on a conduit or part of the display frame, cable strain relief will be incorporated external to the controller box.
The final picture is for perspective only. It shows RPM’s original 8 Channel DC DMX Controller.


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