HOW TO: 3D 4ch RGB Stars

MikeH65 over at posted a design for a 3d star.
Check the thread here: New Star for my 2012 display

MikeH65's Star model

MikeH65’s Star model

1 Design

I had always intended to add more stars and Mike’s was the trigger to get on with it.  My star is very similar except my is based on 100mm sections of RGB strips.
The 3D aspect of the star come from the fact the small stars sit proud of the larger stars. Mikes’ graphic display this well.

 2 Dimensions

the pointer lengths are: 100, 200, 300 & 400 mm.
Material used, 10×3 mm Rydal bar.
I cut the steel at an angle of 108 degree using 300mm bolt cutters.

Rydal Cutting deminsions

Makes for a simple quick cut and unfortunately with some share edges.  The finished star needs a quick touch up with the angle grinder after they are welded.

My cutting list for a single display item is are follows:

Star Size


Cut length


Qty Total length required(mm) Rydal lengths
100 130 10 1300 0.3
200 230 10 2300 0.6
300 330 10 3300 0.8
400 430 10 4300 1.1

3 length of 10×3 x 4000 rydal is required per star.  At just under a kilogram per length, I hope to get the complete metal work to be less than 3.5kg.

 3 Steel Construction

I created a simple jig to speed up the welding of the pointers together.  See the gallery below.  I ended up joining the stars with 3.2 mm Φ wire.

 4 LED Strip

For this display Item I am using LED 5050 RGB Strip.  the strip can be cut into segments of 100mm.  Each Star will require a total of 10 metre.  It all starts to add up!!!

To be continued . . . . . . …

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