A New Site, A new project

I have been Toying with a stand alone controller for some time.

Two external factors have occur to push this a step closer.

  1. HLS – Joe Hinkle create the an excellent Free to Use sequencing software – Check it out over at DIYC.com.  Better still down load it and try it out! HLS creates an XML file with tabulated Time step of Channel Data.  Cool thing about thist is for static displays you simply change the time base and you get faster chases etc.
  2. ET TEam released a new AVR controller board based on the XMEGA 128A1. Features include 8 Serial ports 4 SPI ports, on Board Micro SD card, On board 3.3 volt regulator
  3. WIZNET released a WS82oi ( and to make it even easier, Mouser stock them!)


So now to the new Project Details:

  •  4 Universe of DMX data
  • Micro SD card with channel data.
  • Activity LEDs on DMX channels
  • switch selectable display sequences
  • switch selectable sequence speed
  • optional E31.1 I/F


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