Simple RGB Controller

I recently discovered a great little chip the WS2801 from World Semi.   the manufacturer describes it as a 3-Channel Constant Current LED Driver With Programmable PWM Outputs.

That is a mouthful.  Basically a 24 bit serial shift register driving a free running PWM and 3 constant Current Drivers.

They look super simple to drive.

I am thinking it would be super cool to use as very small remote light controller.

Remote WS2801 Controller

So far the costing is
WS2801 0.20
AM26LS32ACPWRG4 0.54
UA9638CDR 0.33
Lo Profile RR45 2.00
PWB 1.00

Gut feel is it will need to be below $5 to be viable.

WOW!  This idea was originally posted in August 2010!

The concept just won’t leave.  I have continuely returned to the the concept, but I find the solution is growing.  How about a family of WS2801 baseboards  in 3, 6, 9 or 12 channels a,d a couple of Interface boards that run either SPI over RX485, DMX or even Komby Wireless?

I see the I/F boards fitting in a 50x50mm  and will sit on the baseboards so the RJ 45s are on one edge.

– More to Come –


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