LED ProtaFlood

Way back in 2007 I was attending our local church.  The building is a two storey affair with top floor being reinforced concrete suspended slap.  Downstairs the youth group would meet and have a great time, being basically kid running riot.  they would also run mini concerts there.  recessed in the floor supports were PAR 38 floods with Zero protection.

One evening a light was busted and a couple of kids showered in glass.  That got me thinking about a more suitable light fitting  and after a bit of research , i stumbled on Big Clive’s RGB Flood lights. About the same time I noticed some Ebay sellers were offering phenomenal deals on bulk LEDs with great specs.

My LED Portafloods are an interpretation of Clive’s using what was the best single chip LEDs available at the time. The PCB are configured as RGB and operate on 24Vdc.

PCBs will be available from my Webstore shortly.

Finished LED PortaFlood

the finished product can be found in the gallery here

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