RGB + Strobes Mini Tree

Let me say first and foremost, I am still trying to find good uses for RGB strip lights out on the display and not against a flat surface or tacked up under an alcove.

This is another attempt.

Some time late last year, I purchased some tomato trellis’ for the wife’s herb garden. At the time I thought, ” I am going to have to buy some of them for me too”

I also scored what I think is a half decent price on some waterproof RGB Strips – 40m for AUD120 delivered.

Cost estimation now sits at:
tomato trellis – $11
2.5m LED Strip – $15
3 or 4 Ch DMX DC Controller – $6 to $20
ACL strobe – ~ $5 (I think ) maybe.

An Open Canvas Tomato Trellis

RGB strip cable tied to trellis

Last night I hacked one together and am happy with the results.  The LEDs are mounted on a single side of the strips and thus are very directional.  However there is a pleasant glow on the back side of the strips also.

Next the Controller to be added. followed by the Strobes.  Two Choices come to mind:  The MIC 3ch specials would be more than adequate for the Strips.


OR my own 4ch DMX controller allowing Some Strobes to be added inside the Tree.

Top View of Semi populated Controller

To add Strobes, I will need to tap off +5v from the on-board regulator. Not a big issue but required a little further hacking.

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