DC Power Distribution

With a lot of decentralized controllers, I need to run both DMX and power to a lot of places. Some times it is convenient to daisy-chain the power, others is is best to run a separate feed from the Power supply.
For the latter solution, I designed this Power Distributor panel.

Dc Power Distribution Panel

2.1mm DC power connector

The panel is configured as 2 separate circuits and allows 2.1mm DC Barrel type connectors to be soldered directly on the PCB.

Constructed Units

Revision B
These DC Distribution boards have served me well.  But with so many different controllers in use, I decided to recut the improve the unit.  Rarely did I actually run two different voltages, so having 2 halves was wasted.  In variable I would splice in a fuse in the  controllers.  And I was always getting out the multimeter to see if the unit had power.


2.5mm Barrel sockets only

So I I ditched one half and decided to add onboard fuses. I went with the mini Auto fuses.  I added an LED and finally I modified the DC Power library model to take both DC power sockets or 2 pin terminal blocks. The following is the result.


Mixed Outputs

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