Editing Vixen 2.5 Profile

How To – Manually editing your Vixen 2.5 Profile

by Matthew Edwards – 27/10/2011

As I added 3 universes this year I needed a way to create new profile outside of Vixen.  This How To details how I created the profile and then edited it using information I had in excel spread sheets about the channels and my display layout.

Tools needed:

  • Vixen 2.5
  • Excel 2003 to 2010  (I didn’t succeed in using Open Office for this task)
  • NotePad++ ( a free down load)



Step 1 – create the profile in Vixen with het correct number of channels and the Output Plugins

Vixen Profile

Step 2 – Open the profile with Notepad++.  Change the language to XML

You will notice the channel data is defined between <ChannelObjects> and </ChannelObjects>

Vixen Profile XML

Select ALL of the lines between <ChannelObjects> and </ChannelObjects> and copy to the clipboard ( Ctrl C)

Step 3 – Open Excel and paste the lines in to column A

Channel Objects imported into Excel

Now it is time to break all the channel data into manageable chunks.

Select the Text to Columns button.

Converting Channel Objects to editable data

Step 4 – Edit the Channel names and colours to suit your display.

I have all my channel data in OO spread sheets, so it is a simple matter of copying & paste from one to the other.

Edit the profile to suit your display

You could delete column A, but I found it useful to refer back to.  At the very least you can hide the column if the page looks too busy.

Step 5 – Recreate the Channel Data objects

Basically we need to add in all the ‘ ” ’ marks we removed to create the columns and concatenate the columns into a single ASCII string.


Re-constructing the Channel Objects

Step 6 – Copy and paste the final string back into the profile to overwrite the existing data.


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