Single RGB strip controller

In order to replace the house outline with RGB strips, I need the ability to control individual strips. I still have way too many RGB Kittys made up so I decided to create a new shield for the kitty to increase the current drive. The design has the following feature: DMX in / out on […]

RGB + Strobes Mini Tree

Let me say first and foremost, I am still trying to find good uses for RGB strip lights out on the display and not against a flat surface or tacked up under an alcove. This is another attempt. Some time late last year, I purchased some tomato trellis’ for the wife’s herb garden. At the […]

RGB Kittys

Back in 2007 I stumbled across a house decoration that had fading RGB lanterns high lighting a path to the front porch.   John Chapman of Engineering Solutions Inc Developed a suite id LED Based RGB Pixel projects/products.  the one that particularly inspired me was Point Sources. Not knowing anything at all about PIC, it was […]

Falling Icicles

Falling Icicles made their debut in my area 2009.  Initially they were hideously expensive and hard to find.  But secretly I always knew I would get some. Then least year Big-W  / K Mart started sell small falling Icicles  sets ( 300mm long light bars) that that ran independently of each other.  closer inspection revealed […]

8 Channel RGB LED Flexible Strip Controller

My leaping arches were a disaster this year. originally constructed by cutting 36″ lengths of white rope light that was bent back on itself, to form a 18 section, about 8 of the 32 sections failed to turn on!  So stuff them They were left turned OFF! &*%#$@)*%^Y Now the season is over, I have […]

4Channel Dmx DC Controller

I have a couple of RPM’s 4ch AC DMX SSRs.  They are a great concept for when you need a small channel count in a remote part of your display. I predominantly use LEDs for displays. This means DC is king.  So recently I set out to build a simple DC controller that would need […]

DMX Mega Break out PCB

Why Bother? When prototyping new DMX controllers a lot of the time is spent wiring up similar connections all the time, like the USART for RS-485 driver and an ISP connector, to program the uC.  This is where my DMX Mega B/O board came to light.  I virtually got 25 of these for nothing.  One […]